Repair or Recycle

When an appliance breaks down, one of the toughest decisions is whether to call the repairman or buy a new one. Sure, newer appliances are more energy efficient than old ones, but at what point does that energy efficiency get outweighed by the tremendous amount of energy and resources required to recycle your old appliance and manufacture its replacement (which will also be recycled someday)?

A few other things to consider are:

Will the new appliance fit in the old appliances space?

Can I get the color to match my old appliance or other appliances?

Will the efficiency of the new appliance save me more money in the long run than the cost to repair my old appliance?

Did you know a new higher efficiency washer will also increase the efficiency of your old dryer? The newer washers remove more of the water from your clothes so the dryer doesn't work as hard.

When Should I Replace My Appliances

Appliance Made After 2001 Made 1993-2001 Before 1993
Refrigerator Repair Probably Repair Recycle
Dishwasher Repair Probably Repair Recycle
Range/Oven Repair Probably Repair Repair if parts available
Top Load Washer Repair Recycle Recycle

Front Load Washer

Repair Probably Repair Repair if parts available
Clothes Dryer Repair Probably Repair Repair if parts available
Window AC Repair Probably Repair Recycle

We know there are a lot of factors you need to take into consideration when deciding to repair or recycle your appliances. We hope the above chart will help with this decision. Although there are exceptions to a specific situation, we feel this is a valid guide to get you started. With the cost of appliances today and the newer technology that runs these appliances finding an experience and honest repair company is very important.

Please note this information is meant as a guideline only and you should use your own discretion when deciding what is best for your family.